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Fit-for-Purpose Solutions for the Urban & Utilities Sectors

The experienced team of science and engineering professionals at LRI knows that sustainable development is only possible through effective land-utilisation and they're committed to delivering innovative land management solutions. These solutions include:

  • Land use clasifcations
  • Landcover mapping
  • Land-use calculations
  • Cadastral boundary demarcations
  • Landfill site assessments
  • Road planning
  • Route profiling
  • Power transmission line distribution and optimal route planning
  • Disaster management
  • Floodplain assessments
  • Risk mitigation
  • Insurance assessments
  • Site maps for planning future development
  • Informal settlement monitoring and mapping
  • Urban spread monitoring and mapping
  • Asset compensation mapping


The acquisition of accurate information to assess existing or plan future infrastructures is a crucial element in effective governance and the planning of future demands on primary services.

National and regional urban planning requires an assessment of existing structures and natural resources and a development programme that takes into account environmental stewardship, while accommodating human development needs.

LRI understands these pressures and delivers fit-for-purpose solutions quickly and efficiently so you have the information you need, just when you need it.



Various layers of Land Use Classification and Landcover Mapping can be developed using GIS processing skills and technologies. At LRI we work closely with our clients to establish their critical layers and then develop and maintain these, at various intervals, based on their existing and changing needs and circumstances.


By employing a variety of aerial remote sensing and LiDAR technologies we can match your specific requirements at both greenfields and brownfields stages. Our primary focus is on delivering fast, accurate information to enable you to make effective business decisions when they matter most. We support you with a full suite of geospatial products and by talking to us you can access a diverse range of land management solutions.

In addition, our Rights of Way Division can assist you with all your Rights of Way planning, appraisals, acquisitions, relocation, stakeholder engagement and overall project management needs.



 GIS Layers Reduced


This specialist team is committed to working alongside Government, Public/Private Partnerships and Institutions to enable a smooth roll out of all aspects of your requirements.

These services can be secured on a project-by-project turn-key basis, or as portions within a larger project, which you can manage.

If you have a need with regards to your land use or land cover assets, please speak to us today. We’d welcome the opportunity to assist.