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Fit-for-Purpose Mining Solutions

The experienced team of science and engineering professionals at LRI are committed to delivering innovative land management solutions in the mining sector. These solutions include:

  • Exploration mapping and as-built site maps for planning future development
  • Waste dump and pit volume calculations
  • Asset compensation and contour mapping
  • Volume calculations for tailings, open-pits, dumps and stockpiles
  • Elevation models for environmental engineering, hydrological and drainage planning
  • Illegal mining, heat and fire detection
  • Deformation mapping and monitoring
  • Disaster recovery and insurance imagery
  • Mapping infrastructure footprints
  • Vegetation mapping and monitoring
  • Automated change detection mapping
  • Rehabilitation planning and monitoring
  • Measuring disturbed areas
  • Discharge/dewatering environmental impacts
  • Impact of dust generation on adjacent vegetation
  • Compliance mapping
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There is enormous pressure on mines to continue extracting minerals while at the same time complying with environmental, legal, health and safety and human resource compliance issues. LRI understands these challenges and can provide relevant, fit-for-purpose solutions.

By employing a variety of aerial remote sensing and LiDAR technologies we can match your specific




requirements at both greenfields and brownfields stages. Our full suite of geospatial products and our team of engineering professionals can provide you with access to a diverse range of land management solutions.

In addition, our services can be sought as either once off projects or as part of a regular programme at prearranged intervals. While our wide range of


applications, listed above, cover most of what we offer we take pride in being flexible and tailoring our services and interventions to meet the desired outcomes our clients are looking for. 

Speak to us today about your particular requirements; we’d welcome the opportunity to explore the options with you.