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Fit-for-Purpose Precision Forestry Solutions

Our experienced team of engineers, science and GIS professionals are committed to extracting and providing critical forest management information. Our solutions are based on LiDAR and photogrammetric technologies and include aspects of Precision Forestry such as:

  • Forest Planning eg site classifications; area demarcations; roads planning; area / boundary measurements; harvest planning; environmental monitoring and land use planning etc
  • Effective Understanding of Plantation Terrain using Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) eg terrain conditions; aspect; slope; and ground roughness etc
  • Plantation/Stand Calculations using Digital Surface Models (DSMs) and Canopy Height Models (CHMs) eg stocking densities and stand tree heights etc
  • Stockpile Calculations


At LRI we deliver fit-for-purpose solutions quickly and efficiently so you have the tools you need, when you need them, in order to make informed and relevant forest management decisions. 

We understand that maximum value needs to be extracted from imagery to justify the



expense and that we must quickly demonstrate to management the value of remote sensing in realising tangible savings. 

However, in the words of one of our customers: “the detail and accuracy of information produced from LiDAR are such that the cost-benefit is positive and very 


real and the success of the initial pilot project has led us to expand our LiDAR mapping program.”

Let us pilot a project for you so you can experience the tangible benefits for yourself.